1946- born in Baku, Azerbaijan
1966- graduated from A. Azimzadeh Art School
1974- graduated from Art faculty of Moscow State Institute of Polygraphy
1976- member of Azerbaijan Artists Union
1989- participant of International Painting Symposium (Warsaw, Poland)
1989- Gold medal of Art Biennial of Caspian States
2002- Honored artist of Azerbaijan

Works are acquired and kept at:
State Museum of Oriental Art (Moscow, Russia)
“Zimmerli” Art Museum (New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA)
State Art Museum (Baku, Azerbaijan)
Modern Art Museum (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Private collections:
Norton Dodge (New Jersey, USA), Alexander Lev (New York, USA), İlya Kaplan (Moscow, Russia), Ariana Myers (London, Great Britain), Togrul Bagirov (Baku, Azerbaijan – Moscow, Russia)

Selected International Exhibitions:
1987- Tokyo, Kasama, Japan
1988- Warsaw, Poland
1989- Houston, USA
1992- “Basin” Museum (Istanbul, Turkey)
1994- Embassy of Azerbaijan (Moscow, Russia)
2000- International exhibition of Turk states (Ankara, Turkey)
2002-2003- Moscow, Russia
2004- Mühlengalerie (Germany)
2005- International Biennial (Tehran, Iran)
2006- Budapest, Hungary
2007- Exhibition dedicated to tragedies of Humanity (Lidice, Czech Republic)
2009- “Landfill Art” International Art Project (Pennsylvania, USA)
2009- 5th Tashkent International Modern Art Biennial
2013 – “Home Sweet Home“, Contemporary art exhibition, Paris, France

Azerbaijan, Poland, Russia, USA (“International Contemporary Masters 2010”)